Top 10 Switch Heelflips of the last 10 years

25 Aug

1.) Mike Mo – Forecast (2005) A baby faced 14 year old Mike Mo exploded on the scene with this part, and the picture perfect Heel was the curtains. Antwuan’s face says it all

2.) Antwuan Dixon – Baker Has A Death Wish (2008) Even though this was considered a “throw away” video, Antwuan still rolls away with an unforgettable monster of a switch heel.
3.) Josiah Gatlyn – ABD (2010) Berrics vet and FLA shredder Josiah Gatlyn Judo kicks his way onto the list at #3 with quite possibly the most tweaked out display of the SH ever.

4.) Tony Tave – This Is My Element (2007) Tave solidified his spot as a last part ripper in This is My Element with a triple angle switch heel over the handrail with a parachute drop to bolts landing. I personally think his switch flip at 2:25 is another one of the greats but that’s for a different list.

5.) Stevie Williams – DC Video (2003) Stevie not only makes pushing Mongo look badasss but he can boost a switch heel over your lunchables from flat.

6.) Pete Eldridge: 2008 Mystery Promo Bump, to Bar, to Back in skateboarding for Pete Eldridge with this memorable

7.) Bastien Salabanzi – Really Sorry (2003) Skateboarding’s Rodney Dangerfield shows once again why he deserves some respect with this triple set doozy

8.) Jerry Hsu – Stay Gold (2010) Switch everything in this part, with the lightning fast and hefty double set ender

9.) Nyjah Huston – This Is My Element (2007) What would this list be without young phenom and current contest destroyer Nyjah. His little limbs absorb this freefall switch heel no problem, can’t wait to see what he puts out next.

10.) Paul Rodriguez- In Bloom (2002) A young amateur P-Rod won the cover of Transworld’s Am issue with this Switch Heel in the rain

* Honorable Mention Joe Tookmanian – New York New York (2006) Joe ends this video with the perfect exclamation point down this infamous NY Set


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